Greg Yoko, Publisher

The editor and publisher of Thy Will Be Done Publishing is Greg Yoko.  With over 30 years experience in the publishing industry, and an extensive contact-base of industry professionals, Greg is able to offer authors a viable cost-effective option in accomplishing their publishing objectives.

More importantly, Greg feels that he has been called to provide this opportunity to assist others in sharing their message with the world.  Using his time and talent as writer, editor and publisher is a mission that Greg is proficient in performing.  He takes pride in mentoring authors.  Greg possess the God-given ability to write, edit, and translate the intended meanings of others so that their thoughts and words can be correctly communicated to an audience.  He genuinely wants to empower others in their dreams of becoming published.

Between 2002 and 2009, Greg has written well over 200 published articles, been a contributing author and publisher for one book while serving as project editor and publisher of three additional books.  In addition, he co-created two national trade magazines of which he also served as managing editor and publisher.

The following message from Greg is a synopsis of his career as it relates to publishing, and is provided here as a context for you, perspective partners, to assist you in choosing Thy Will Be Done Publishing as your best publishing option.

I was embedded within the publishing industry during the first decade of this millennium.  Despite long hours and a hectic schedule full of deadlines and travel throughout the United States, it was undoubtedly the most satisfying time of my professional career.  In coordination with my business partners and the many friends who worked for/with us, I was successfully communicating through books, magazines, and events to an audience of over 100,000 professionals every month.  It was very invigorating and even more rewarding.

Much of the enjoyment within publishing occurs during the journey or producing the final work. That was truly the case during the efforts put together with Futurus Communications, Land Development Today LLC, and Sustainable Land Development International – the three companies that I was a part of co-founding which generated a lifetime of friendships and experiences.

My first 10-12 years of professional communication was afforded to me through athletics.  I served in the field of public relations and athletic management at three colleges and a professional sports team while also being a freelance sports reporter for three newspapers.  During that span I also was a news and sports videographer at  an ABC-affiliated TV station while also serving as the sports director and board operator at two radio stations.  These experiences were almost equally split between Erie, Pennsylvania and Dubuque, Iowa.

Before, during, and after these two segments of my professional career, I have sharpened my communication skills by teaching.  Since 1986 I have been an adjunct instructor, teaching communication-related courses at five different colleges and universities.

I have also worked professionally in sales and marketing for a few companies as well, in both Erie and Dubuque.

There you have it – my story in less than 650 words.  Now let me help you tell your story.

In Christ,

Greg Yoko