Inspiring Story of Courage and Faith

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Clearing the Toughest Hurdle
True Story of a Brain Tumor Survivor and Champion Hurdler

By Amy Sokalski LaNoue

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A portion of the proceeds from each book sold is donated to the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).

Book Summary:

Those who have known Amy Sokalski LaNoue for a long time know that she has a strong tendency to confront challenges differently than most…let’s say…more directly. For example, while Amy claimed many victories on high school tracks, she was unable to capture the ultimate goal at that time, a Pennsylvania high school state championship. This competition was held four hours away on the same track every year at Shippensburg State College. With high school over and multiple college scholarships on the table, Amy, of course, chose to attend Shippensburg – where she later set and owned Shippensburg’s 100-meter hurdle record for over 20 years and owned the record for the state of Pennsylvania for six years. Amy used a similar approach when presented with her brain tumor. With intense determination, and her sense of humor, she methodically confronted this challenge with a new set of coaches (doctors) and teammates (friends and family). With a desire to assist others who may face a similar situation, Amy shares the options, decisions, and even the actual medical reports of her condition in this inspirational book from the onset of symptoms through today.

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“This is a truly inspirational book. Full of unique humor and Pittsburgh-esque style. Once a dark mystery, the medical aspect is made both interesting and understandable when Amy opens that door to the reader. Personal accounts are both heartbreaking and heart-lifting. Amy is a gifted storyteller and her first book will be enjoyed by many, because it is a bright slice of life.” -Vicki Vanderzee Kunkel.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Amy’s story. She was quite brave through this ordeal and it was clear that her “angels” and family provided the support she needed. Her faith in her doctor seemed to make quite an impact on her attitude and recovery. I became personally involved in reading about the surgery and how Amy was feeling every step of the way.” – Donna Nester